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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apple's latest operating system besutan Inc.. can be downloaded starting today. With the name of the IOS operating system is promised to provide four new features and improved performance several previous applications.

Then, what the hell is in the IOS 4. Here's his review.
IOS name of the iPhone 4, referenced the newly launched Apple boss Steve Jobs. Initially, Apple will announce that its latest operating system last April, but later changed to June 7 yesterday at the Worldwide Developers Conference event.

The moment served as an iPhone launch Apple's latest prototype is mentioned has been leaked to the public. Despite its name IOS 4, does not mean this operating system only runs for a smart phone, but could also for tablet computers made by Apple, iPad.

Inside Cisco IOS 4, there are 100 new features and increased performance in applications that existed before, including support for multitasking. Some existing functions in the IOS 4, such as folders to organize applications; Events, Places, and Faces in the Photos application, and a lot of enhancements such as inbox mail and chat.

Another new feature in this operating system such as Quick Lock for attachments, open the e-mail attachment in another application (for example, open an attachment in PDF or iBooks GoodReader 1.1), editing iPod playlist, and set up a Web or Wikipedia from search panel home screen.

Most existing applications on Apple products is currently running with the old operating system or OS. However, users of the old gadgets from Apple, such as the iPhone or iPod touch is able to up grade them to the IOS device 4.

The process of an upgrade that is also relatively simple to plug the device into iTunes and then make up-to-date backups. Process up grade from the OS to IOS 4, estimated to take ten minutes. Then how much it costs the operating system updates from the old to the new? Apple states are not charged a penny.

For iPhone 3G users who want to update the IOS operating system with 4 may have to be patient because there are some key features that will not work because the hardware does not support. In addition, changes in the operating system makes the iPhone 3G to work more slowly.

Excess IOS 4 is able to perform various jobs at a time, like listening to music while checking the GPS location, or upload a picture. Fast App Switching function in IOS 4 also allows an application to save what has been done when switching to another application.

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